Voice It Worldwide, Inc
San Diego, Ca

New product launch, brand positioning, media relations

National PR in business media that results in sales!

Voice It Worldwide, Inc. created the entire market in digital voice recording ahead of Sony and Olympus, and built major brand awareness and credibility through WestGroup’s strategic media relations program. Designed to launch the new Voice It Digital Recorder with Voice Link Software and Dragon voice-to-text software, this product was positioned as the “must-have” for executives on the go. And it went!

WestGroup launched the product at Comdex with branded press kits, trade show booth and media materials. Extensive pre and at-show work produced incredible results. Everyone from Forbes to Rolling Stone featured the recorder, and Business Week named it one of “the best products of the year”!

Business result: entire US inventory sold out, with backlog of orders for one year.
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