To help your business grow and succeed, WestGroup provides a comprehensive set of services to create and implement branding and business-building programs.

Strategic Counsel

We work as an integrated part of your business team to help you achieve your goals and objectives. We provide marketing and public relations strategies that will help you realistically meet business goals, and we do that by starting with the end in mind. Our partnership with you at the executive level is designed to achieve success and build a long-lasting relationship.

Public Relations/Media Relations

We monitor your markets and work with experts to discern the emerging trends and top areas of interest to general media and media within your industry. Then we align your business goals with your PR and media goals for best results. WestGroup has long-term media relationships and a reputation for delivering media coverage for clients. We offer the media news of real value, and work with reporters and editors on an individual basis. Our media tools include: media kits, media tours, news bureau operations, special events, press conferences, interactive programs, video news releases, satellite media tours and more. In addition we work with your spokespeople to media train them and make sure that the right messages are delivered to support your program or brand.

Crisis Communications

We can help you analyze your business for vulnerability and bad-case public scenarios. At the same time, we will help you build a framework and program for handling crisis communications situations. We hope they never happen, but we serve as an experienced partner to clients in the event that they do.

Marketing Communications

Since 1982, we have helped companies market their products and services to their customer base. Our strategic approach assures programs designed to deliver results, whether we are helping to launch and sell products, create customer or brand loyalty, or build a program to inspire a sales team of independent sales consultants. We develop strategy, messaging and positioning, and then communicate effectively across all platforms.

Social Media

Social media is all the rage, but knowing how to strategically fit it into a marketing communications program is another story. We help clients understand the new tools and we create programs that help clients monitor what customers and others are saying about them, and build meaningful dialog with customers.

Special Events

The right marriage of event and sponsor can create lasting brand loyalty with consumers. WestGroup helps clients leverage their brand via special events and event sponsorships that will draw consumer and media attention.

Tactical Components—Marketing Communications Tools and Programs

Every client program has many pieces, and our tactical team can deliver or contract for all of them. WestGroup delivers the following: website and interactive marketing communications; brochures; sales materials and videos; advertising and pr; identity and graphic design; and more.
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