Body Wise International, Inc.

Vita-Tech International, Inc.


Does your product or program enhance quality of life for its users? Clients that contribute to quality of life through their products and programs benefit from WestGroup’s passion in this area. Innovations that make our world better or safer, products and services that make us fitter and healthier, organizations that empower people and make a difference…all strike a responsive chord and benefit from the expertise of our team.

Natural Products

We have helped natural products manufacturers strategically build their industry niche, and we specialize in helping natural products companies grow their business. Our deep understanding of the trends driving this industry, the innovators, the media covering the industry and the regulations affecting the industry make us extremely effective. We work closely with our clients in positioning their products and leaders, developing speaking and promotional opportunities for them, working with key media influencers, participating in trade show and industry events, and communicating with customers via events, internet programs, media relations and opportunity-driven marketing.

We attend industry trade shows and are profiled in NPI Center.

Natural Lifestyle

Where does a windsurfing event or an eco-tourism resort fit in our practice? Our natural lifestyle practice is an extension of our focus on improving quality of life. We work with clients of similar healthy and positive mindset in many areas. WestGroup has helped eco-friendly hotel and resort properties build their guest bases, health and fitness clients educate about their services, and sports events achieve their goals. We have staged special events in the wind-powered sport of Maui windsurfing, and helped a relief organization serve the health needs of native populations in the hill country of Guatemala. How can we help you?
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