April 18, 2011

WildiZe Foundation Celebrates 10 Years
of African Conservation Success

ASPEN, CO - Celebrating its tenth anniversary of success in conservation in sub-Saharan Africa, the Aspen-based WildiZe Foundation kicks off its membership and donor drive this
month. based WildiZe Foundation kicks off its membership and donor drive this month.  Widely recognized by African conservation leaders for its outstanding work, the Foundation has funded and supported over 70 projects on the ground in Africa, impacting over 250,000 people in a wide variety of communities. ““We work with African communities toward equipping them with the skills and resources needed to participate in shaping their future,” commented founder Eli Weiss when asked why WildiZe has achieved high levels of success with its programs. 

 “Through targeted funding in the right hands, promoting local ownership, accountability and responsibility, any given project is more likely to succeed,” said Weiss.  Ninety per cent of the organization’s public funding directly reaches grantees, she added.

“WildiZe Foundation is one of those organizations that gets out into the field, looks at the problems, talks to the people involved and then works out how it can help,” states Tony Fitzjohn, OBE, Co-founder and Field Director of the George Adamson Wildlife Preservation Trust. 

The Foundation’s work is based on the knowledge that the needs of wildlife and people are impossible to separate. “To accomplish results we focus on three main areas: wildlife security; education and awareness for youth and adults; and community development,” Weiss explains.  “Each WildiZe project addresses at least two if not all three areas creating the best chance of success.  When one of these issues are affected, it will affect them all,” she comments.

WildiZe brings its project work and personal stories from the communities where it is involved back to the US via its award-winning website, educational and speaker programs.   The organization strives to help donors see their dollars at work by connecting them with specific projects.  Projects currently underway in Kenya, Tanzania, Namibia and Botswana include:

  • Wildlife Conservation: Funding to help maintain wildlife security, including anti-poaching and overall park welfare, and development and general maintenance in the Tsavo National Park Ecosystem in Kenya.
  • Environmental Education: Example:  funding for a sustainable living educational program serving underprivileged Namibian schoolchildren.
  • Disease Study: Providing a Bio-Level 2 field laboratory outside Botswana’s Chobe National Park to study the impact that human waste has on the transmission of Tuberculosis into animal populations.
  • Community Development: Support for the women’s groups that help their community access better models for ecological practices and develop sources of sustainable income for today and the future.

"Wildlife conservation is about people working together. When you can provide security for people, you provide security for wildlife," said Weiss.

For more information please visit
or call 970-923-1795.

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